Karlovy Vary Folk Festival
International folklore bath

7 key missions of festival

Taneční pár barevný bílé kontury2


... revives traditions and strengthens cultural and regional identity...
Folklore festival Karlovy Vary aims to protect and revive customs, dances and folk music from Karlovy Vary region, and thus strengthen the relationship of the inhabitants with the territory, where they live and which was influenced by difficult historical development.

...joins and integrates ...
Due openness to all age and social groups and their active involvement in festival program is supported the opportunity to establish new friendships and professional contacts. During the festival performers from all over the world are joined, and they come into direct contact with the audience, regardless of nationality, race, or religion. Festival opens up space for international cultural dialogue. Through folklore and traditions of the nationalities that live in the Czech Republic in the minority, Karlovy Vary Folklore Festival also contributes to mutual respect and tolerance, and supports their coexistence within Czech culture.

...helps ...
As the folklore applies to all, including those who did not have or do not have simple life, Karlovy Vary Folklore Festival cooperates with charities and since 2010 part of the ticket sales is given to local charities.

...educates ...
Karlovy Vary Folklore Festival cooperates with schools in the region, and organizes discussions of foreign artists with students. In addition is organized an entertainment and educational events for children during the festival. Visitors can also participate on workshops and lessons, where they can learn the typical dances from foreign cultures or detailed traditions and history of Karlovy Vary.

...develops ...
Thanks to all activities that the Karlovy Vary folklore festival includes, contributes this action to deepening and broadening of international cooperation and builds continuous partnerships with local cultural and social organizations or associations. One of the most valuable features of the festival are its organizers, whose are members of all components of Spat Dyleň Karlovy Vary and other volunteers who continually develop their creativeness and organizational skills, which enrich not only themselves but also the quality of the festival and festivals overall value.

….creates new artistic value
Folklore does not create only traditional amusement, but also creates new artistic values. Festival offers amateur, semi-professional and professional folklore groups from all over the world. Many of them move boundaries of art higher through their performance. Karlovy Vary festival is proud to host such groups and every year intermediate these artistic experiences to the audience in Karlovy Vary region.

Festival offers to everyone the opportunity either to active or passive amusement. Visitors of all age, from children to senior citizens, have the opportunity to dance, sing, play or draw, or just listen to the rhythms and melodies from around the world and watch the dancers on stage in various folk costumes.